Top Insta Worthy Spots at Twin Shores

In the age of social media, we can’t deny that we are always in search of the perfect Instagram photo op. Here on PEI, there are so many stunning scenes that will make your page look simply incredible. We have some pretty amazing opportunities for great photos right here at Twin Shores. While there are several, we are going to share our top five favourite with you!

1. Teacup Rock

This one is a given! The “Teacup Rock” is a rock formation that looks like a teacup and is located on the main beach, between Twin Shores and Thunder Cove. Over the years we have seen some amazing photos of the rocks, and we just can’t get enough!

2. ANY Sunset

We cannot stress enough how incredible the sunsets are here at the park. It doesn’t matter where you’re watching from, you’re going to see a beautiful red and orange sky. Some of our favourite photos are from gorgeous sunsets all over the park. Although you can view it from anywhere and not be disappointed, to really take in the “PEI experience”, try to get a spot on the beach!

3. Proffit’s Point Beach

One of our lesser known beaches, Proffit’s Point, is located on the Bayside and is where you will find some classic red, PEI cliffs. Unlike the main beach, Profitt’s Point is a bit rockier and less busy. There are so many opportunities for some truly incredible photos that encompass the beauty of a PEI beach.

4. Darnley Basin

The Darnley Basin is a great spot to watch a boat, or to catch some wildlife (like the Great Blue Heron) in its natural habitat. The calm waters always glisten in the sun and create a beautifully dynamic scene. You’ll often see a boat making its way between the Malpeque wharf and the ocean, which is always a great photo op! The peacefulness of this area makes for some relaxing, unique and gorgeous photos.

5. Pirate Ship

Located in the playground, our pirate ship makes for a very unique-to-Twin Shores photo. Made to look like a real pirate ship, it has lots of different levels and spots to take various photos that will look special each time. As well, it’s a great spot to take photos of the park from. When standing on top of each end, you get a very expansive view of the main entrance area of the park.



Photos are a great way to remember your vacation. With all of these locations, and more you’re sure to get some amazing shots. We love to see photos from our campers, and see the park through your eyes. Be sure to tag us on social media (links below). And don’t forget to use hashtag #twinshores on your posts! Do you have any other suggestions for a great insta-worthy spot at the park? Let us know in the comments!


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