5 MORE Hidden Gem Activities at Twin Shores

Anyone who camps at Twin Shores knows that it’s never a dull moment. There is always something to do and a way for your family to have some fun. In 2017, we made a post sharing some “Hidden Gems” at the park. If you missed it, you can check it out here. We thought it would be fun to share some more “lesser-known”—but awesome—things to do right here at Twin Shores! Let’s check them out!


darnley basin beach photo
Clam digging at Twin Shores

Most people are familiar with the main Gulf Beach, but did you know that we have another beach located on the Bayside? Although it’s not as ideal for swimming, the Basin Beach is perfect for beachcombing. You’ll definitely want to bring your phone or camera along here as you can get some beautiful shots, especially during the sunrise and sunset. Quite often, you’ll see fishing boats from Malpeque Harbour out in the Bay, working away. A great and unique PEI photo op, for sure!

The Basin Beach is also a great spot for clam digging! Clamming is a very unique and fun PEI experience where you can actually dig up clams right on the beach, then take them home to cook and eat. There are some laws surrounding the size and amount of clams that one can take from the beach, so be sure to educate yourself before you start to dig! Check out this CBC article for more info!



Library at Twin Shores

“Take a book, leave a book!”. Did you forget to bring a good beach read with you on vacation? Or maybe you want to do some summer reading practice with your kids? Check out our library, located above the General Store in the Loft. We have a wide variety of books, all in different genres and for a multitude of reading levels. Books are totally free to borrow, and if you have any books you’d like off your hands, we’ve love to have them! Just send us a message!


IMG_7313 (2)
Baseball Field at Twin Shores

Oh, baseball, the good old American game! Many of you have probably noticed the ball and soccer fields located on the Bayside by the gate. These fields are available for campers to use whenever they please during the camping season. Grab a group of fellow campers, make some teams, and have some fun! Or, if you’d rather something more casual, just get in some batting practice. Whatever you choose, the fields are there for you to use! We’ve even had some campers meet up in the mornings for a group workout to start the day! Need balls or bats? We have those, too! You can borrow them from the Barn Arcade.

Soccer Field at Twin Shores


fitness 2019 (2)
Fitness Centre at Twin Shores
fitness 2019 (7)
Fitness Centre at Twin Shores

Still want to get that gym fix while on vacation? Check out our Fitness Centre! Located in the Rec Hall, it has some basic exercise equipment you need to get in a good cardio workout. We also have weights in various sizes for those wanting a bit of a strengthening session. Just grab the key from Security and you’re good to go! Last year, we added some brand-new equipment for you to enjoy. To use the fitness centre, just ask for the key at security. Please note that you must be at least 19 years of age to use the fitness centre.



What’s camping without some classic lawn games? Get the family outside and enjoying some “old-school” (as the kids might say) games that are fun for all ages. Here at Twin Shores, we have shuffleboard, horseshoes and bocce ball. These games may be simple but they are certainly fun and help to pass the time. You’ll find the shuffleboard to the right of the tennis court when you enter the main side of the park. The horseshoe field is located just behind the tennis court, and the bocce ball courts are next to the Rec Hall behind the General Store. Shuffleboard discs are available Security. Equipment for all other games can be rented from the Barn Arcade.


You don’t need to stray far from Twin Shores to have lots of fun! We have an endless array of services and activities to ensure you have the best vacation possible. Whether you are here with your kids or it’s just you and your sweetheart, you will find something that suits your itinerary. Make sure to check out our website or to read the Resort Guide you receive upon check-in for info on all the fun activities and services we offer.


Have you made use of any of these services before? Do you have any other fun Twin Shores hidden gems you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments!

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