Explore Winter at Twin Shores

If there is one thing our campers love it is summer. Sunshine, heat, crashing waves and the sand beneath their feet. We can’t say we blame them. But although the summer is most people’s favourite time of year, there is one question we get a lot in the off-season: “What does the park look like in the winter?”. For people who don’t get to see it covered in snow, it’s somewhat of a mystery. Well, we are here to pull back the curtain and show you a glimpse into Twin Shores during the winter months.

Recently, we strapped on some snowshoes and ventured across the snow-filled gate to explore the park. What a beautiful sight it was! There is something so magical about the wintertime – all the freshly fallen snow and the way it lands so nicely on the trees. Combine that with the quiet peacefulness of nature, and it was the perfect setting.

It’s definitely strange to be at the park when it is so empty – with no campers, trailers, or tents around. It almost feels like a totally different place during the winter. Lots of snow can do that, it seems. You lose sight of what the roadways look like when they are clear and the grass is green. In a sense, it can almost be disorienting.

It’s safe to say that this is the most snow we have had on PEI since the winter of 2015. That year, we saw approximately 550cm of snow by the end of April. It was just outstanding how much snow there was! One-way lanes on roads; snowbanks reaching heights of 16 feet. That year, we saw a new snowstorm almost every single week. While we are hopeful that that is not the case for 2022, we have already had our fair share of winter storms – and it’s only mid-February! By February 5, there had been four storms, the latest with snowfalls amounting to nearly 50cm. That’s a lot of snow!

There tends to be a lot of negativity feelings surrounding winter and snow. Why? Is it because so many people value summer days and warm weather? That seems likely. Sure, winter has its shortfalls, but it’s not all that terrible. For one, it creates some beautiful scenery! Those PEI landscapes that are stunning in the summer are just as gorgeous in the winter, while under a blanket of freshly fallen snow. Wintertime almost creates a brand new world to discover; new adventures and activities to enjoy. There seems to be a new sense of joy these days when it comes to the winter months. More people getting outside and getting active, taking in the sights and sounds of this time of year. Perhaps this shift to making the most of it is due to the fact that for the last few years, many of us have been staying put rather than travelling to warmer destinations. More people are starting to see the beauty in winter.

Since you, our wonderful campers, are unable to visit Twin Shores to see the park in its lovely winter glory, we are bringing a bit of it to your screens. It certainly looks different than during the summer, but it’s still the same campground you know and love! Take a look a the photos below, taken recently on February 12th, 2022. We included some comparison images so you can better visualize the differences between now and how things look in the summer.

Enjoy the photos, and remember to make the most of these winter months! Get ouside, take in the scenery and have fun. The summer will be here before you know it. Plus, there’s just over 100 days until camping season. If that doesn’t get you through the winter, than we don’t know what will!

A view of the ramp to the Main Gulf Beach.
Twin Shores General Store winter vs summer
Though not the exact same lane, a similar shot!
The Twin Shoes entry and pond

All photos are property of Twin Shores Camping Area

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