10 Decoration Ideas to Make Your Campsite Cozy

Here at Twin Shores, we know our campsites are our home away from home! Whether you’re parked for the summer, a week or just a weekend, personalizing your site and making it feel like home is a must! Check out these 10 tips for making your site your own!

1. Put Up Some String Lights

This may be the fastest and simplist way to brighten up (see what I did there?) your campsite! String lights always make even the most ordinary of places feel a little bit magical!

2. Patio Furniture

The ultimate way to customize your site and make it feel more homey? Patio furniture. Who says you can’t be comfy in the Great Outdoors!?

Photo via @jennsfrontporch

3. Outdoor Throw Pillows

Not only do these look super cute and complete your patio setup, they’re comfy and cozy too! Who’s ready for a mid-day outdoor nap?

Photo via rvinspiration.com

4. Add an Outdoor Rug

Bring the whole setup together with an outdoor rug to anchor the space!

Photo via rvinspiration.com

5. Cute Adirondack Chairs

Nothing says camping like Adirondack Chairs! Add some around the fire pit as a seating and decor solution!

Photo via @jennsfrontporch

6. Decorate with Plants and Flowers

A sure way to liven up your campsite – literally! Put in a flower garden or plant some low-maintenance plants like hostas. You can even add some hanging flower baskets – so many possibilities!

7. Grow Produce in Pots

Not only can this be used as decoration but also in delicious camping meals! Think fresh lettuce, tomatoes and herbs, maybe some strawberries for dessert! Yum!

Photo via thespruce.com

8. Garden Flag or Personalized Sign

Express yourself with an interchangeable garden flag or customized sign. These elements truly help make your campsite your own!

Photo via @jennsfrontporch

9. Get Some Bird Feeders

Put out some food for the smallest campers around! Sit back in your cozy patio furniture and do a little bird watching or listen to the sweet sounds of the songbirds while you get some sun!

Photo via rvinspiration.com

10. Utilize Treasures Found on the Beach

There is no shortage of treasures just waiting to be discovered on our beach! Be it drfitwood or rogue buoys, give your site a nautical feel!

Photo via @jennsfrontporch

11. A Place for Your Pooch!

This one is a bonus! Don’t forget to keep those adorable, furry campers in mind when decorating your site. Be sure to include a cozy place for your doggos to lounge!

Photo via veterinarians.org

There are so many great ways to personalize your campsite and make it unique! We love seeing all the wonderful, different ways our campers add a personal touch to their sites. Happy decorating!

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