Camping Gear for Pets!

We know that many of our campers love to bring their furry friends along on their camping trips – after all, they’re part of the family! We also know that our campers love some gear and gadgets to make camping life easier. So here are 8 products to make camping with pets easier!

1. Cooling Vest

Summers can get very hot here on PEI, and while your pup can always cool off with a dip in the ocean, it’s important to keep them cool while they’re hanging out at the site as well! This cooling vest works the same way as a cooling towel. Just wet it with cool water and the vest uses prolonged evaporation technology to keep your furry friend comfortable in the extreme heat.

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2. Elevated Dog Bed w/ Canopy

Another product to keep your pet cool in the summer heat, this raised pet bed features breathable mesh that allows airflow and a canopy to protect your pets from the hot sun!

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3. Collapsible Bowl

Whether you’re on a beach walk, traveling in the RV, or out to eat, it’s always a good idea to have a collapsible bowl with you. They come with a carabiner, so you can clip it to your bag and have it at the ready for a water break. They’re super durable and an important piece of outdoor dog gear.

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4. Hands Free Leash

A hands free leash is definitely a must have camping item. You can attach it around your waist while setting up your tent or cooking, or secure it to a table to keep your dog nearby!

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5. Travel Bag

Your doggo needs luggage too! This pet travel bag has a large compartment to store treats, toys, and more! It features multiple functional pockets to stay organized. It’s water repellent and comes with two food container bags and two collapsible bowls to keep your pet hydrated and fed during travel.

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6. Car Seat Cover

Camping by the beach means our pups get salty, sandy, and sometimes covered in that iconic PEI red dirt! Protect your car seats from those dirty paws with this seat cover! It’s also waterproof so your pup can jump in the car after a dip in the ocean!

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7. Portable Litter Box

We know cats like to camp too! Finding litter box solutions can be tricky, as RVs are close quarters and frankly, cat litter stinks. This travel litter box is lighter than a heavy hard-sided litterbox, portable, handy, and easier to pack. It is leak proof and comes with a zipper lid to seal in the smell!

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8. Outdoor Play Tent

Cats like the great outdoors too! Does your cat hate being on a leash? You can set up this play tent on your campsite and let your kitty enjoy the fresh air!

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Bonus: Sunglasses!

Ok, this one is really just for fun and because it’s hilarious! These doggie sunglasses will make your pup the coolest in the campground!

Camping season is upon us and now is the perfect time to stock up on camping gear for your furry friends. Our pets love camping just as much as us, and we love to see them at Twin Shores!

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