Best Places to Watch the Sunset on PEI’s North Shore

It has been said that our beautiful little Prince Edward Island boasts sunsets that rival those of Hawaii. June is arguably the best time to take in a sunset on PEI. Hotspots are less crowded and those June sunsets just seem more crisp and beautiful than any other time of the year! Maybe we’re biased, but we think our very own Central Coastal Green Gables Shore drive is home to some of the best viewing points! So, here’s the scoop on the best places to watch the sunset on PEI’s Central Coastal North Shore this June – or anytime! 

1. Cabot Beach Provincial Park (Malpeque)

Located on the Western border of the Central Coastal North Shore, our neighbours in Malpeque have a pretty fantastic sunset view from Cabot Beach Provincial Park! And you can even see the Bayside of Twin Shores from Cabot Beach!

Photo by @caitdclark

2. Twin Shores Camping Area (Darnley)

Are we biased? Yes. Does Twin Shores deserve to be on this list? Absolutely, 100%. We’re pretty proud of the fact that you can take in some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world right here at Twin Shores. With a completely unobstructed view, you can watch the sun sink down past the line where the sky meets the sea! (Any Moana fans out there?)

3. French River

Ahh, the iconic and ridiculously picturesque French River look off. Made better only by some fiery skies!

Photo by Levin Rodriguez

4. New London

Rolling hills and rivers! What could make sweet New London even prettier? A sunset, of course!

Photo by @jakesescapes

5. Stanley Bridge

The iconic Stanley River is not only home to fishing boats and bridge jumpers, but gorgeous sunsets too!

Photo by @mary_bethcampbell

6. Cavendish Beach

Cavendish beach is part of PEI’s National Park, and for good reason! It features stunning sand dunes as far as the eye can see and even more stunning sunsets.

Photo by Michael Galan Photography via

7. North Rustico

The cutest little fishing village there ever was! North Rustico is abundant with charm and great harbour sunset views.

8. New Glasgow

How many times can you use the adjectives ‘cute’, ‘charming’ and ‘beautiful’ in one blog post? Well all of the above apply to the village of New Glasgow. Much like New London, you can watch the sunset over those trademark PEI rolling hills (dotted with hay bales of course)!

Photo by @coreenhildebrand

9. Brackley Beach

Brackley Beach also falls within the bounds of PEI’s National Park! Equally as beautiful as Cavendish, Brackley is much closer to our capital city, Charlottetown! You can escape the city and take in a gorgeous sunset to cap off your day.

 Photo by Chef ILona Daniel via

10. Covehead

Name a more iconic photo spot than Covehead Lighthouse! We’ll wait. This stunner of a location is sure to yield some great sunset shots for Instagram.

Photo by Erika Riano via

11. Stanhope

Stanhope is another in the crew of National Park beaches here on PEI. Located a little farther from Charlottetown, but not by much! Stanhope is home to miles of precious sand dunes and lots of great picture opportunities.

Photo by @rjlc65

12. Blooming Point

A favourite among locals from Charlottetown and surrounding areas, this beach lies outside the National Park but boasts views just as beautiful!

Photo by @lansphotography

13. Grand Tracadie

Last but not least on the Eastern edge of the Central Coastal Drive’s borders is Grand Tracadie. Don’t you feel calm just looking at this picture? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’!

Photo by Crescent Isle Cottages via

If you are staying along the Central Coastal North Shore this June (or any time at all!) be sure to check out one of these amazing locations and click here to see a detailed map of the area including lighthouses, local artisans and restaurants, and look-offs. Have fun chasing the sunset!

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