Tropical Christmas Traditions

It’s Christmas in July once again and we are gearing up to celebrate another holly jolly Christmas week at Twin Shores! While celebrating Christmas in the warmth and sunshine may seem like a novelty to us, it’s par for the course in some countries, and we’ve rounded up some of the coolest holiday traditions from tropical climates!

1. Junkanoo

This extravagant street parade is held the day after Christmas and New Year’s Day. While Junkanoo is a staple in many English-speaking Caribbean countries, it’s especially beloved in the Bahamas. The capital city of Nassau is the home to the largest Junkanoo celebration in the Bahamas, where the most dedicated attendees will spend months creating their costumes and practicing dance routines.

Photo via Nassau Cruise Port

2. Grand Market

On Christmas Eve, major towns and cities in Jamaica host a Grand Market. Shoppers looking for everything from last-minute gifts and decorations to delicious food or a festive treat are sure to find what they’re looking for from the wide array of vendors selling food, gifts, and other items. But perhaps the true purpose of these markets is the chance for members of the community to celebrate together. Streets will be blocked off in order to accommodate the musicians, dancing and celebrations.

Montego Bay, Jamaica.

3. Ligligan Parul

A popular Christmas decoration in the Philippines are parols—paper and bamboo stick lanterns made in the shape of stars. Parols are so quintessential in the Philippines that there’s even a festival dedicated to them. Ligligan Parul (Giant Lantern Festival) is held every year during the holiday season in the city of San Fernando. During the festival, teams of designers compete to create the lantern that will be crowned the best of that year.

Photo via Eager Explorer

4. Lighted Boat Parade

Christmas parades are a staple of the holiday season. But if you’re looking for a nautical take on this tradition, look no further than the lighted boat parade! This fun tradition is best experienced in Key West, FL. The Lighted Boat Parade has been taking place for over 29 years. The participating vessels range in size (from kayaks to schooners) and are decked out in lights. They sail the waters spreading illuminated holiday cheer!

Photo via Ron Niebrugge /

5. Lighting of the Banyan Tree

In Lahaina, on the island of Maui, it’s become a tradition to light a large banyan tree with thousands of twinkling lights, making for a yuletide sight you can only find in Hawaii.

Photo via Maui Now

These are just a few of the cool Christmas traditions you can find in warm weather destinations. Even though Christmas is synonomous with snow, these warm climates defintiely know how to celebrate! We hope all of our campers have a fun and festive Christmas in July this week!

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