Why the Fall Season is the Best Time to Visit PEI

The summer season is winding down, but there’s no need to be sad! It may be called the “off-season” but there are still an abundance of things to see and do on our island in the autumn! Great weather, delicious food, and gorgeous views to name a few. Here are 10 reasons Prince Edward Island in the fall is just as good (if not better!) than the summer!

1. The Food

We are not called ‘Canada’s Food Island’ for no reason! Sure, PEI has delectable food in the summer season, but the fall is when the food scene really comes alive! In fact, we have a whole festival dedicated to food!

Photo via Fall Flavours Festival

2. The Weather

September weather is just the perfect happy medium between summer heat and the chill of winter. Sunny blue skies and crisper temperatures are perfect for adventures and exploring our beautiful little island!

Photo via welcomepei.com

3. The Foliage & Scenery

There is simply nothing more beautiful than a red dirt road framed with fiery foliage! The deep red, happy yellow, and burnt orange colours are spectacular! Not to mention our hilly landscape is perfect for viewing the colours.

Photo via CBC.ca

4. Fewer Crowds

PEI is busy in the summer, and we absolutely understand why! But it sure is nice in the fall when those crowds die down and everything becomes much more calm and much less hectic! If you are the kind of person who finds crowds overwhelming, then fall is the perfect time for you to visit the island!

Photo via saltwire.com

5. Empty Beaches

Despite what some may say, the fall is the perfect time to head to the beach! Sure, you may not be swimming in the ocean (unless you get a nice hot September day!) but the fall is great for sitting on the beach with a good book, going on beach walks and watching those dreamy September sunsets!

Photo via UPEI.com

6. The Golf Scene

If you’ve got a golfer in the group, PEI is the ultimate destination to visit in the fall! The weather is perfect and you’ll get to see the rich fall colours while out on the course! Most courses on the island are open into mid-October and some even into November! Head to Golf PEI to see course season dates.

Photo via PGATour.com

7. The Farms

Is there anything better than visiting a farm in the fall? PEI is home to a variety of farms and depending which one you choose, you could see adorable animals, corn mazes, fresh fall produce (did someone say pumpkin & apple picking!?) and more! Kool Breeze Farms and Island Hill Farm are only a couple you could drop into!

Photo via TripAdvisor.com

8. The Fresh Produce

Speaking of produce, we have an abundance of it on our little farming island! You’ll find tons of cute little produce stands along your journey! Compton’s Farm Market and Arlington Orchards Farm Market to name couple. At these stands, you’ll find fresh farm fresh seasonal fruits and veg and maybe even homemade baked goods, apple cider, and preserves!

Photo via @gracewrth

9. The Cafes

When you think fall, you think cozy cafe. Good food, warm drinks and cozy vibes. We have an abundance of these little establishments here on PEI! Head to the Willow Bakery & Cafe at the Kensington Train Station or venture across the street to C & B Corner Cafe! If you’re in the Summerside area, head to Samuel’s Coffee House!

Photo via lovelocalpei.com

10. The Festivals

Fall Festivals are a staple here in Prince Edward Island. New in recent years is the Charlottetown Scarecrow Festival. Taking place October 7th – 23rd, 2022, the largest scarecrow festival in Atlantic Canada will take over the city of Charlottetown when hundreds of scarecrow installations will line the streets, gather on street corners, and pop up in shop windows! You can also experience wine tastings, weekly psychic fairs, live music on Victoria Row, haunted ghost walks, pop-up tarot readings and lots of fall decor. And of course we couldn’t talk festivals without mentioning our famous Fall Flavours Festival! At Fall Flavours, you can expect the best from our land and sea, celebrity chefs and top local talents, quinntessential PEI entertainment, one-of-kind venues, and the warmest hospitality you’ve ever experienced. The festival features events such as Feast & Frolic, PEI International Shellfish Festival, Savour Victoria and so many more!

Photo via discovercharlottetown.com

Just because summer is over, certainly doesn’t mean PEI goes dormant. We could go on and on about all the things that make our island the place to be this fall! So, what are you waiting for!? Start planning your perfect PEI fall vacation (or staycation) today!

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