A Camper’s Christmas List- 2020 Edition

The Christmas season is finally upon us and that means it’s time to start brainstorming the perfect gift ideas for all your friends and family! We understand that Christmas shopping may look a bit different this year, so we’ve curated an amazing selection of camping gadgets and accessories that you can shop online from the safety of your home. If you’ve been wondering what to get for the avid camper in your life, you’re in luck! Take a look at our 2020 Campers’ Christmas List.

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Tips For First Time RV’ers

So you’ve made the choice to take the leap from tent camper to RV camper – now what? The transition can seem overwhelming, which is understandable since it is such a big chance. However, it can certainly be done! There are some important things to know and we are here to help you out. we want to make your first time camping in a trailer as easy as possible, so here are some tips.

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A Camper’s Christmas List – 2019 Edition

It’s officially the Christmas season! Yay! Here on PEI, the holiday spirit is alive and well with fresh snow on the ground and Christmas markets happening all over. That said, it feels like the perfect time to share our 2019 Camper’s Christmas List! For those unfamiliar, each year during the holidays, we share a curated list of fun and useful camping items we think you will love. Some of these things may just be the thing you have been searching for for the camper on your shopping list.

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5 MORE Hidden Gem Activities at Twin Shores

Anyone who camps at Twin Shores knows that it’s never a dull moment. There is always something to do and a way for your family to have some fun. In 2017, we made a post sharing some “Hidden Gems” at the park. If you missed it, you can check it out here. We thought it would be fun to share some more “lesser-known”—but awesome—things to do right here at Twin Shores! Let’s check them out!

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A Camper’s Christmas List – 2018 Edition

The Christmas spirit is definitely in the air! There is snow on the ground here on PEI, stores are filled with Christmas décor, and holiday markets are in full swing. As we have done the last few years, we are back with the 2018 Edition of our camper’s Christmas list! Some of these items may just be the perfect thing for the camping fanatic in your life. Let’s check them out.

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What’s The Best RV For Me?

So you want to start RV’ing, but you just don’t know where to start. There are many choices out there when choosing the right RV for you and your family. Without some background information, it can feel like information overload. Sounds scary, doesn’t it? Well, it doesn’t have to be! With the right information and help, buying your first RV can be stress-free…or at least close. Keep reading for some details and comparisons of the most popular types of RVs on the market.

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A Camper’s Christmas List – 2016 Edition

It’s that time of year! Christmas is definitely in the air – lights are popping up all over the place and decorations are starting to make their way out of storage. With less than a month to go until the big day, it is getting close to crunch time for all that shopping. We all have that on person who is hard to shop for; the person we leave until the last minute because we just can’t figure it out! Well, we can help with that…if they are a camping fanatic, that is. We have put together a list of some great camping gadgets and gear that many of our campers will want (or already have!) on their list. Check them out below!

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RV or Tent? Which Is For You?

Camping is a fun family getaway. It’s a way to get back to nature, bond with loved ones and enjoy those beautiful summer days and nights. But one of the toughest decisions to make before booking your vacation is whether you want to tent or use an RV. There are many advantages to each, but determining the right thing for you can be difficult. So, we want to give you some info and tips to help make your decision easier!

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Winterizing Your RV

The summer months of camping are always full of fun and excitement. No worries, just sun, laughs and memories made with family and friends. But after the fun comes the real work. In order to have more fun during the next camping season, you must prep your RV to withstand the winter weather. Regardless of if you are storing it indoors or outdoors, steps should be taken to ensure your RV is in tip-top shape for use down the road. We know how stressful winterizing your RV can be, so we want to provide you with some helpful tips to make sure you don’t miss anything.

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